Why Us

We walk the talk, and therefore strive for delivering what we promise.

Reputations are earned and, even more importantly, maintained through careful, consistent, meticulous and thorough representation of clients for their applications to succeed in the most efficient, effective and timely manner, and by providing excellent customer service. At the end of the process, we want you, our clients, to be reassured that the fee you paid is fully justified in terms of your expectations and our delivery.

What does working with us do for you?

    • CanadaWide Consultants were themselves immigrants just a decade ago. Therefore, we are in touch with reality and understand the opportunities and challenges you are likely to face during the immigration experience.

    • Rest assured our advice will be reliable since we are certified and fully licensed by the the federal regulator for professional immigration consultants.

    • You will be comfortable dealing with us as we strive to follow ethical business practices within the parameters of the law. The big part of our ethics revolves around transparency and straightforwardness.

    • Our goal is to provide you with solutions that balance cost with efficiency. Even if you were to approach us with a certain immigration program in mind, we would search and advise alternative programs that offer most value i.e. maximum speed at least cost to you.

    • You benefit from the efforts we make at keeping our knowledge current in order to not only minimize impact on your goals but also to explore new opportunities. Being Canada-based consultants, we remain on top of the constant changes in immigration legislation and programs. Canada offers several immigration routes and programs, some of which are managed by the federal government and others almost exclusively by provincial governments. These programs are constantly changed and tweaked as governments adjust them to meet their specific labor market needs.

    • We fully commit to our obligations and capture them on a Retainer Agreement we sign up with you at the start of the process. This is a mandatory step required by the Canadian regulation governing the profession of immigration consulting. Such an agreement protects you from exploitation by unscrupulous persons that claim to be licensed and ‘know it all’.

    • You pay fees when you see results – we do NOT ask for the entire free upfront . The payment schedule is performance-based and is anchored to our achieving key milestones and results for you.

    • We offer a robust fee refund policy if we fail to achieve the results you want due to errors on our part.

At Canada-Wide, we encourage you to see yourself walking in with the expectation to receive the most comprehensive and professional advice and solutions that best balance across both short- as well as long-term perspectives and a whole host of other variables. In any event, we will be upfront at all times to provide you with a good sense for:

  • How your chances rate based on a deliberate assessment and analysis of your situation relative to the wide array of available opportunities to legally enter Canada. Where needed, we may even advise delaying your application by a few months or NOT pursuing at all.
  • Practicable strategies and actionable steps to reinforce your chances and overcome the shortfalls.
  • The need for making detailed and convincing submissions to the Canadian government on your behalf supporting your application that leverages your strengths and provides a better appreciation of and mitigating steps for some apparent weaknesses.
  • Should your application have failed previously, the expertise we are able to offer in order to appeal the negative decision and undo your disappointment.
  • Additional resources, in terms of specializations e.g. recommending assistance of legal professionals, needed to address a complex case or issue.
  • Leverage our diverse background in ways that maximizes the value – add while minimizing the time for your successful establishment in Canada.

Just so you are aware, Canadian immigration legislation and policies provide significant discretionary powers to Visa and Immigration Officers, delegated down by the Minister. This discretion nevertheless must be exercised in a structured manner and within well- defined bounds. Our challenge here would be to make sure your application is complete and addresses every potential aspect / issue the Visa officer might see. Further, we make sure that discretionary power is exercised in a just and equitable manner at the time of the processing of your file.

Retaining us would ensure:

Creative, practical and accurate advice: Knowing the law is important, no question. The critical aspect, however, is the application of legal principles and common law from earlier Court decisions in developing creative and practical ways to achieve our clients’ immigration objectives. We take pride in our ability to meet this challenge. Before offering an opinion; making a recommendation, or advancing an argument on your behalf, the implications are always considered and explained to you so that you can make an informed and pragmatic decision.

Prompt Service: Dealing with issues of varying complexities at short notice is all in a day’s work at Canada-Wide. Whether you need representation for an appeal, a permanent resident application, sponsoring your family members over or for overcoming a detention or a removal/deportation order, we respond promptly and skilfully given the time-sensitivity.

Proactive Remedies: Clients are encouraged to seek advice before problems escalate and become almost irretreivable. Clients can avoid disappointment, painful and costly appeals through careful preparation and planning. By helping you take a proactive, preventative approach, we can save you time, money and aggravation.

Personalized service approach: Our team is committed to providing individual and personalized service. We take the time to get to know our clients and fully understand and analyze the nature of the problem, scope out the range of remedies, before provide the client with a comprehensive overview of the law, policies and processes, the available options and our considered recommendation.

Accessibility: Team Canada-Wide is easily accessible in person, by e-mail, phone or even video-conferencing. Since immigration and employment issues can arise outside of business hours, and given the time zone separations especially in an overseas context, we make our alternative numbers available to clients who expect to have difficulties during holidays and after hours.

Value: As indicated earlier, we want our clients to acknowledge at the end of the engagement that we earned every cent of the fee they paid us. We endeavour to provide you with cost-certainty to the extent possible so that you are able to forecast and budget your expenses. Our fee is clearly set out in our retainer agreement with the client and explained at length. The idea is to keep costs as low as possible and no more than what is proportionate to the client’s problem and the nature/complexity of work entrusted to us.

Breadth and Depth of Resources: Our staff draws on the vast pool of knowledge and experience of the team. This consultative approach is able to resource specialist knowledge and expertise to address most complex situations. Besides, the breadth of our experience outside purely immigration matter offers useful insights in many areas associated with relocation, re-establishment and employment.

Wide Networks: Our clients benefit from our cross-business relationships with professionals in many other fields e.g. lawyers, accountants, realtors and business consultants. We can quickly put you in the hands of other advisors if the need arises.

Timeliness of Response: If an immigration question, important decision, legislative change, or any other development evolves which might affect a case, we promptly inform you together with advising about the ramifications and fresh set of options.

Pre-flight and Post-Landing Assistance/Guidance: Change can be stressful even when it is voluntary especially when confronted with unknowns relating to cultural gaps, employment opportunities, residential arrangements on arrival and the like. We can help you embrace change confidently through our structured skill – gaps and needs assessment process that starts way ahead of your landing in Canada. The whole focus of our intervention is to give you the control of the tools that narrow the gaps, minimize risks and shrink the time to a reasonable level of assimilation in the Canadian culture and workforce.

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