Incremental Immigration Support



 It is our experience that while many immigrants arriving here possess good levels of hard skills and on-the-job experience associated with their respective professions in their home countries, there is significant room for appreciating the real importance of and need for acquiring soft-skills and other cultural attributes exclusive to the North American landscape. Being informed and embracing such skills and attitudes could considerably speed the cultural integration and adaptation process and consequently, unlock doors to meaningful employment opportunities. Learning about and using effective communication styles including characteristic phraseology in a multi-cultural setting both within and outside of the workplace together with effective presentation and mannerisms are tools you want to master in order to successfully market yourself to potential employers.

At Canada-Wide, we have the capacity and infrastructure to provide end-to-end  services that extend beyond traditional  immigration consulting, advice and representation. The focus of these value-added services is on adaptation and transformation and not just on immigration. At our client’s option, we’re able to offer services that begin well before your departure for Canada and also another that commences on landing at a Canadian Port of Entry.

 Pre-Flight Module

 This program is specifically geared to client’s applying for permanent residence status in the skilled worker class from overseas.

Objectives: The objective of this optional service is to:

  1.  Provide you with the tools prior to landing in Canada in order to reach an acceptable level of ‘workplace readiness’ and the confidence of landing gainful employment soon after landing, and 
  2.  Allow your potential Canadian employer the confidence that hiring you would contribute positively to his/her organization and would not be dysfunctional/disruptive to the way work is done in this culture.

 The module would include a series of iterative steps that best begin at the time you engage us to assist you with the immigration process. Broadly, the components of the program are:

  • Providing you with insights into the broad cultural landscape that shapes the workplace mind-set and the larger society and to help you to quickly adapt to Canadian employment market even before landing in Canada, which otherwise would consume significant amounts of post-landing time and resources to understand.
  • Overview of the cornerstones of Canadian values that guide the way of life here and expectations that you would need to meet towards successful integration;
  • Walking you through a macro-view of the demographics; legislation/public policies; the economy; the economic growth sectors and meaningful employment, investment and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Strengthening your marketability, by:
    • Assessing your work-related ‘hard’ competencies from the Canadian/ North American perspective;
    • Assessing your ‘soft skills’ i.e. social, cultural and workplace readiness levels based on the Canadian norms and expectations.
    • Developing your portfolio and highlighting readily portable skills-set and gaps that require more work;
    •  Working with you to map out a gap-bridging strategy and developing discrete and practical action steps towards the goal;
    • Providing guidance on re-packaging your resume that meets meet the model, standards and expectations of the Canadian employer
    • Advising you of the industries that are in an expansion/hiring mode and where your strengthened portfolio would make for a best fit.
    • Assessing and expanding your ability to effectively communicate in English in the workplace (please note that the language test required as part of the immigration application process sets a fairly low threshold for eligibility and is NOT representative of the ability required in the higher-salaried workplace)
    • Guiding you with the strategies for successfully facing behavioural work interviews

The process would include putting you through the steps of development through interactive face-t-o-face and virtual sessions with our HR behavioral specialists.

Post-Landing Module

The post-landing period, commencing from the point you touch down at any of the Canadian airports, is exciting! However, the first few steps are characterized by challenges which you may likely not have been exposed to earlier. Those with families and friends in the city of landing have ready guidance and generally do not need this service.

However, those that do not are usually anxious about navigating their way initially out of the airport, organizing a pick-up; locating a place for temporary residence until they find their bearings; registering to mandatory programs e.g. social security, and schooling for children. We can help.

Objective: To make your arrival in Canada and the initial settling-in process seamless and worry-free.

We can assist with the following in meeting the objective:

  1. Arranging your pick-up from the airport;
  2. Finding and arranging a suitable and convenient location on the public transportation map on a temporary basis for a period of at least one month but not exceeding three months.
  3. Walking you through mandatory program registration process and represent you with obtaining the Permanent Resident Card.
  4. Advising you about schooling for children and education /licensing/re-certification for you and your accompanying working adults;  potential employment opportunities that get you off to a financially- independent start within the first few weeks of your arrival.

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