Welcome to Canadawide Immigration Consulting Inc., your one-stop destination for immigration solutions – for permanent residence as well as temporary stay- for yourself, your family members or even your workers recruited overseas.


, a Canada-based immigration solutions firm with international affiliations, is managed by a team of professionals certified and licensed by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), the federal regulator designated in The Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, 2002. Our hands-on knowledge and expertise with navigating through Canada’s immigration system allows us to offer full-spectrum, end-to-end immigration solutions, consultations, advice, representation and assistance to you and your family to make your immigration experience as pleasant, stress-free and seamless as possible. At this time, our overseas presence provides outreach in India, Hong Kong and the Middle-Eastern region through several representative offices located in major cities. If your current geographical location does not easily allow for a face-to-face interaction with our representatives, we can reach you via phone and/or video-conferencing through Skype. Going forward, we have plans to expand our operations to Europe as well.

Our Core Values are anchored in Competence, Ethical Business Practices, Integrity, Commitment and Transparency.

The Canada-Wide Team comprises a mix of skills, broad-based experience, and in-depth knowledge of not just immigration law and policy but also a keen understanding of the big picture in which the Canadian labour market landscape and drivers are huge components. Together, such a range of competencies offers the potential for a high success rate; happy landings; effective, rapid integration and adaptation to Canada. To give you a sense for the diversity, Mr. Madhu S. Lall, the principal Immigration Consultant, is a keen follower of the Canadian labour market economics given his prior senior-level Human Resources background with a global automobile manufacturer and concurrent public policy development interests.

Our goal is aligned with yours – to meet your immigration objectives and expectations. Truly appreciating the magnitude of your decision to immigrate to Canada as permanent residents or to work/study, and the profound impact it would have on your lives, we achieve our shared goal by:

  • Working towards and taking pride in your success
  • Forging a two-way partnership with you that focuses on your active engagement right through the process;
  • Listening to and addressing your specific needs and concerns;
  • Offering reliable advice and immigration solutions best customized to your needs;
  • Proactively providing remedies to challenges that could become major issues and impediments;
  • Remaining accountable to you for delivery of results and for the fee you pay;
  • Providing clear and timely communication – keeping you informed and advised every step of the way;
  • Operating ethically and honestly;
  • Working on your case with a level of due-diligence that ensures built-in error-proofing.
  • Advancing your interests assertively, vigorously and ethically before the government and various adjudicative tribunals;
  • Coaching you for interviews with immigration officials (although our focus would be to present your case with such a degree of clarity that results in an interview waiver); and
  • Should you request, providing you with our value-added extension services and capabilities, during the lead up to your flight to Canada and also settlement services during the post-landing period.

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